silverplate frame silverplate frame
This is a lovely period photograph in a silver plate frame of the period, circa 1920

WW1 German binnulars WW1 German binnulars
made by Busch prior to the kaiser war
Price upon request

Cheetah Porcelain Cheetah Porcelain
Gold decorated Cheetah made by Boebm for the Museum Of Art in Seattle 1976 during The 200 hundred anniversary 1776-1976
FMV. 200.00 dollars
Asian antique silver cruet Asian antique silver cruet
Provnce: british officier estate gift from burma

Asian silver cruet set signed by maker complete set, sitting on a carved buffalo horn base
FMV $99.00
Friends , Before you sell your family silver have it appraised by an independent appraiser before you part with it.

If you wish me to identify and value your valuables  please email photos and your questions to my email address

info@sutherlandantiques.com- A letter of appraisal value is mainly used for insurance or probate purposes.

The average fee is one hundred dollars based on a hourly rate .  Payments must be made before a written 

document is issued.  Paypal deposit is preferred.  All enquires Welcome!






The above desk cabinet is carved out of solid Douglas Fir as there was very few desks on vancouver island in the last century.  So cabinetmakes used the best wood available.  The characteristics of good color and easy carvability were valued.  We are offering the above desk for $750.00, trades welcome.